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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 19, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> do you? >> yeah. i do. she's hard. she's a beauty. great beauty. there are times in which she's magnificent, but she has made my life hard, hard. and if a are a's. -- farrah's. >> a sensational hour with ryan o'neal monday. all right, pay attention. much of the southwestern part of our country is burning. >> look at that thick, black smoke. the fire has jumped highway 92 and it's burning something. we don't know what it is. >> it is a desperate situation. the winds aren't helping. fanning the flames across the land and even the pavement, threatening more homes, businesses and livelihoods. good evening, everyone. i'm don lemon in new york. that's where we start, in
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arizona. at this hour, relentless wildfires spreading across the west. seven states -- i repeat, seven states on fire right now. thousands are fleeing from their homes. hundreds of thousands of acres burneded. firefighters are stretching themselves to the limit. red flag warnings are up in parts of arizona, utah, colorado, texas, oklahoma, kansas and new mexico. high heat, low humidity and strong winds are turning the region into a tinder box. dozens of wildfires are burning as we speak. kgun reports from arizona which is seeing the worst of it. >> down here on the right side we've got another thick black cloud of smoke going up. we have a lot of people here looking. we have people evacuating the
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area south of camino principal. we have people turning around. it is a chaotic situation once again. this is what the firefighters feared most that with 50 miles per hour winds, the monument fire would make a run and indeed it is. >> this is how it breaks down. more than 3 million acres caught fire in the u.s. just this year. in arizona there are two main fires. the wallow fire is the biggest, burning more than half a million acres so far. that one is 44% contained. to the south, closer to the border, the monument fire burned nearly 21,000 acres and it's only about 27% contained. our very own thelma gutierrez is in a city threatened by the fire.
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>> it was an all out battle to stop flames from racing down the mountain into tinder dry grasslands toward homes at the southern end of sierra vista. more than 700 firefighters from all across the state are giving it everything they have to hold the line. fierce winds gusted at more than 50 miles per hour grounded choppers and fixed wing aircraft that were making the critical air assault over steep and rugged terrain. thousands of residents had minutes to evacuate with whatever they could carry. >> i may not come back to anything. i don't know. >> reporter: city officials say conditions couldn't be worse. it hasn't rained since december. a drought, high temperatures and strong winds made this fire disastrous. >> as you come lower out of the mountains you're talking oak trees, grassland.
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once it breaks out into the grassland there's nothing to stop it. >> reporter: the monument fire started near the u.s./mexican border. as for the cause of the fire officials say it's still under investigation. they do know where and when the fire started and they say it was human-caused. firefighters hope to catch a break overnight when winds die down and the temperatures cool off. don? >> all right. thank you very much for that, thelma. look at the live pictures from kgun. that's sierra vista, arizona, where thelma is and where we have been covering this for most of the day. you saw the reporter who was standing there saying that's a thick, black smoke that you have been seeing a number of them. something is burning. that's where you are looking at the highway. in some of the fires, the fires have been jumping the highway from land to pavement, across the pavement and to other land threatening homes and businesses. i want to get to the phones.
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i have bill pax ton handing by, a public information officer involved in the monument fire. two wildfires in arizona, but it e it's less contained than the wallow fire. i know your crews have a lot on their hands as they do in six other states. >> that's correct. we had a hard day today. the things we didn't want to happen, the terrain, fuel, winds aligned for a massive push on this fire. we had built fire lines between miller canyon where we were having difficulties all the way to fort wachucha. we had fire lines off the main line. we lost four different contingency lines trying to stop and turn it. the bull came out of the pen. we had spot fires in the afternoon. we were able to stop it until it
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jumped highway 92. >> it's not just the winds and conditions. this is really taxing your equipment and men and women working on this are these the worst fires you have seen? >> no. but it's a bad one. i have seen worse it's hard on the community here. we have firefighters assigned to the team, but the local fire departments try. sierra vista, all the volunteers are helping the city, the county and military. even is cooperating. >> we wish you the very best of luck. we know you're up against something there a lot. now we want to get to the bigger picture in this fight against the wildfires. jacqui jeras, why was today so
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bad for firefighters? seven states. you heard them say the pens kept breaking, contingency lines kept breaking. tough day for people. >> it's tough when you're getting spot fires he was talking about. that's when the wind drives the embers and you get new fires that start or the fire line jumps and advances into the area where you didn't expect it. the problem has been the wind primarily. that wind has been sustained today in parts of arizona, new mexico, up into utah. the 25 miles per hour range on top of that, we had confirmed wind gusts between 35 and 49 miles per hour. that's greater than tropical storm force. you're having to have a hard time holding yourself up in those conditions. there is an intense area of low pressure. a low pressure storm moving through the four corners driving in the strong southwesterly winds. winds will change direction. that's good news in the sense that it could push the fire back
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upon itself in some areas. it will bring the temperatures down and bring the humidity up a little bit. don? now we'll catch you up on the stories. a bulging river was too much for levees in northwestern missouri. it breached over levees in four spots. most of several hundred residents leftd homes but emergency teams went door to door to clear out the remaining. the river is swollen from heavy rains and runoff from the mountain snow pack. the u.s. is having preliminary talks with the taliban in afghanistan according to robert gates. he doesn't expect movement in peace talks until winter. here's what he said to candy crowley on "state of the
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universiunion" this morning. >> the question is they are willing to totally disavow al qaeda. >> gates is retiring in less than two weeks to be replaced by cia director leon panetta. president obama plans to start drawing down troops next month. nato admits a mistaken air strike may have killed civilians in tripoli. the government claims nine people were killed, six injured when a missile slammed into a residential neighborhood. nato said a military missile site was the strike's intended target. it insists it is doing everything possible to avoid civilian casualties. syria's military is inching closer to the turkish border. this shows a fire near the border. a poster on youtube said they shelled the area. some 10,000 refugees have sought shelter in turkey. syrian media report the
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president will address the nation monday, the third time since the unrest began. ♪ tonight, bruce springsteen is calling the loss of his music partner of 40 years immeasurable. clarence clemons died saturday of complications from a stroke. nicknameded "big man" clemons helped define the sound of the e street band and went on to act on tv and in film. clemons is survived by four sons. he was 69 years old. we'll have more on his passing later in the newscast. imagine what it was like to be a gay couple more than 60 years ago fighting persecution and discrimination. two new york men, richard and john, lived through that time and are hoping that their time here so be able to get married in the state of new york within the next few days.
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their story is next. and a comedian is pulled off stage at the gop leadership conference for his provocative jokes about the president and republicans. did he go too far? we'll let you decide. >> my favorite month is february. black history month. you see, michelle celebrates the full month. and, you know, i celebrate half. [ laughter ] >> many of you have been asking for information through social media. you can reach out to us on twitter, facebook, and
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i think we're sending a loud and clear message about whether our family, our life, our choice, who we are and our love is legitimate or not. kids are watching. >> the national debate over same-sex marriage has stormed into new york. the state assembly approved a bill wednesday to legalize gay marriage and the state senate could vote on it as soon as monday. if approved new york would be the sixth state and the most populous to legalize same-sex marriage. the eyes of the nation are watching. so are two men who say they have been waiting for this moment for more than six decades. ♪ >> reporter: they have been together for 61 years and they will never forget the first time their eyes met. >> we didn't know each other
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then. i had a part-time job to bring in money and in walked this young man. i knew my life was changing right there and then. it did. >> reporter: richard is 84 years old. john is 91. at this tender age, they both still teach. it was music that brought them together professionally and personally. >> he would find excuses to come and sing for me. >> i want to sing for you. which really meant i want to be near you. >> reporter: they have been near each other ever since, after years of pretending to be straight. >> it was a load off. no more making believe that you're who you're not. that's a burden that people who are gay carry all the time. >> reporter: still, something is missing from their relationship.
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>> i come from an italian family. they're the marrying kind. >> reporter: richard and john first thought of marrying more than 40 years ago when same-sex marriage was unheard of. now new york is on the verge of legalizing gay marriage. >> why not complete this relationship? >> reporter: they dismiss those who say it will ruin traditional marriage. >> the only sanctifying element in a marriage is what two people bring to it. it's not somebody saying words. >> reporter: they hope gay marriage will be something the next generation won't have to worry about. >> they deserve better than what we had. it was difficult. it's terrible to be looked down on, considered a second-class citizen. that's what it is. >> what he said. >> reporter: no matter how the vote turns out, richard and john say their love will always be in harmony. ♪ >> thank you, john.
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>> reporter: cnn, new york. >> coming up here on cnn, the showdown between "the daily show's" jon stewart and fox news host chris wallace. you see it and decide who wins. we were actually thinking, maybe... we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. [ indistinct talking and laughter ] whew! i think it's worth it. working with a partner you can trust is always a good decision. massmutual. let our financial professionals help you reach your goals. red lobster like this before. your own complete four-course seafood feast for $15. start with soup, like our hearty new england clam chowder. then enjoy a fresh salad with unlimited cheddar bay biscuits, followed by your choice of one of seven entrees, like new shrimp & scallops alfredo, spicy coconut & citrus shrimp,
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so you're saying that by comparing the technique she used in her video to a -- >> you are not making a political comment. >> you really think that's a
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political comment? >> yes. >> you're insane. >> really? >> yeah. >> call it a sunday morning showdown. "the daily show's" jon stewart and fox news sunday host chris wallace. let's talk about it with errol lewis from new york one. that was jon stewart comparing a sarah palin video to a commercial for an std drug. >> the particles, it was fairly tasteless humor which is often the case on "the daily show," but jon stewart was right. he's primarily interested in ridiculing what he thinks is funny and he'll go for the of laugh over any kind of ideological agenda. i would be hard-pressed -- and i have been following politics for decades now -- what is his agenda? what's the jon stewart agenda? you know, i watched the whole thing in washington. you know, is he left leaning?
10:21 pm
probably. >> why is this always a debate about bias when it comes to certain -- >> i think for a lot of radio show hosts, television hosts especially on fox and certainly for politicians, the appeal depends on saying, everybody else is lying to you. you've got to listen to me. >> that appears to be a fairly new sort of game that's playing within the last ten or so years, this whole thing about bias. >> for a solid decade it's, you can't trust what's in the new york times, washington post or wall street journal. put that aside and listen to my radio show for four hours. it's a way to build audience but for getting to the truth, it leaves a lot to be desired. >> as to whether jon stewart wants to be a player in the political world. >> do i want my voice heard? absolutely. that's why i got into comedy. am i an activist? >> yeah. >> i disagreement you can't
10:22 pm
understand because of the world you live in that there is not a designed, ideological agenda on my part to effect partisan change because that's the soup you swim in. >> who's right? >> you're familiar with this, i'm sure. people talked about, when will don lemon run for mayor of atlanta and you're like, that's not what i do. i talk about politics. i understand politics. >> people ask if i will be an activist. no. i'm a journalist. >> exactly. the same is true with jon stewart. certainly talking nationally and in new york. if he wanted to be part of public life in that way he could have done it a long time ago. it's clear. i don't think, again, that there are these forces out there that people like chris wallace seem to be determined to discover. they are just not out there. the reality is most people in the country vote for policies
10:23 pm
and candidates that extreme conservatives don't like. they think there's got to be a trick as opposed to simply, they are not in the majority right now. >> is it propaganda, a good way to get people to believe that everybody else is biassed? >> it's a great sales pitch. >> all right. let's talk about a story that was overlooked. the president's trip to puerto rico. was it successful? >> i don't think so. even the associated press version of it which goes out to lots of news organizations says it was not successful. it was controversial. somebody who's one of the leading democrats down there says they will go throughout the puerto rican community and condemn him for what he did and didn't do on the trip. he didn't even raise as much money as they hoped. the shortness of the visit drew condemnation. it's a reminder, during the primary in 2008, obama didn't win puerto rico. >> now that weiner is -- i have
10:24 pm
to choose my words here. now that weiner has dropped out, the gay marriage thing is all anyone is talking about now. >> yes. >> is it going to pass? >> i don't know. they are one vote away. frankly, there are any number of senate republicans and that's really where the vote will be determineded. who could cast the one vote? they have been caucusing for hours at a time. they can't make up their minds. >> we have to run. thank you. a comedian pokes fun at president obama and republicans at the gop leadership conference in new orleans and is pulled off the stage by organizers. did he go too far? were his jokes inappropriate? you will hear it and decide for yourself. >> thank you. well-being. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nurture it in your cat with a full family
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10:28 pm
organizers way too sensitive? i talked with stand-up comedian dino bedal about it and he called it menstrual saying it doesn't give a great impression to minorities. >> are you going to put on a minstrel show? it's not far from that. you have your guy playing a black guy talking about race and making jokes about it. do jokes about real issues. do jokes about the economy, about president obama having problems with the teleprompter. those are fine. >> listen, i'm not going to give my opinion here, but i thought the joke was funny. >> i agree. >> then you don't see the crowd. >> it's the setting. >> listen, you spoke to pete domen domenic. >> yes. >> pete said the impersonator should have stayed on stage but he gets why organizers pushed him off. listen. >> they put him on there. the jokes are funny.
10:29 pm
the performance is excellent. it's the place, don. it's the republican leadership conference. there is a reason why over 80% of black people vote democrat. >> okay. >> excellent. good point by pete. one of many by pete. here's the truth. he wasn't cut off for making those jokes. he was cut off ten minutes later when he started making fun of republicans. he talked about romney, pawlenty and when he mentioned michelle bachmann they shut his microphone off. they say they don't want regulation unless you make fun of us. this is a corporate event. i have done these. >> we have another clip and we'll talk about it. >> sure. >> now, the donald. remember him? he chose not to run as a republican. he's now threatening to run as an independent. but the only thing running i of druch donald trump is his hair. >> all right. that was funny.
10:30 pm
they're supposed to be edgy. >> that wasn't edgy. it's a standard joke. i have done it. reggie did what they asked of him. the crowd turned on the event when they started making fun of republicans. the skin was too thin. they didn't like it. >> i have to ask you this. this is a question for the people at home. any time i ask something about an african-american president, all of the sudden i'm not black. >> sorry about that. >> i have to ask the questions about any president. do you think we are too sensitive because a president is black? i have heard people who believe in free speech. most of us. this is free speech. this is comedy. we should not be thin-skinned. the president, after all, is a black man. so it's not a minstrel show. there is a black man up there dressed like the president doing a funny joke. >> you can say whatever you want as a comedian. the question is will there be backlash or not.
10:31 pm
reggie had every right to say it. he was building to a michelle bachmann show, probably was going to close with sarah palin. she's comedy gold. they cut him off because they didn't like him making fun of pebbles. >> thanks, dino. wildfires in the southwest causing the national weather service to issue a red flag warning. we'll have the latest straight ahead. first this. the economy is improving but interesting factors like where you live and how much you weigh may help determine how much you earn. we have details in this week's getting down to business. >> the u.s. economy grew 2.9% last year but you may have seen a greater jump depending where you live. states with the most economic growth were west virginia, massachusetts, indiana and new york. the biggest winner, north dakota which led the country with a growth rate of 7.1% compared to last year. but north dakota's neighbors didn't see the same prosperity.
10:32 pm
montana was among the five slowest growing states and wooi had the country's worst growth at negative .3%. new numbers show signs of recovery for the housing market. there was 6,000 permits for new housing since may. the highest monthly increase we have seen since last december. finally this week depending on your sex a smaller waistline could affect your bottom line. a study by the journal of applied psychology found women who are 25 pounds lighter than the average weight make an extra $15,000 a year. for men it's the opposite. guys who are 25 pounds righter make $8500 less. now that's food for thought. with this week's getting down to business i'm allison kosik, cnn, new york. [ manager ] you know... i've been looking at the numbers, and i think our campus
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getting you caught up on the headlines. massive wildfires spreading throughout the western part of the country.
10:36 pm
red flag warnings in parts of seven states which means there is extreme fire risk. dozens of fires are burning now. arizona is seeing the worst of it with hundreds of thousands of acres already burned. rapper tone loc is out on bail after being arrested for domestic violence. his arrest came saturday night after a physical altercation with the mother of his child. it happened in puburbank, california. he was released two and a half hours later. he hit it big with "wild thing" and "funky cold medina" in the 1980s. a 16-under par store today for rory mcilroy. he broke tiger woods' old record by four strokes and became the youngest winner of the open since bobby jones anes in 1923.
10:37 pm
jason daye finished second. time to check your monday morning commute and see what it will be like. there's our meteorologist jacqui jeras. she's here with where the air travel delays might be on monday. bad? >> not great, don. we'll be focusing in on the midatlantic and midwest states. we have one storm in the mid section causing problems with winds and thunderstorms. so that could cause travel problems for you. here's a look at the cities we expect to be hit the worst tomorrow. chicago takes the cake at number one with heavy delays due to thunderstorms and clouds in the afternoon. washington, d.c. expecting moderate delays due to thunderstorms and windy conditions. dallas will have strong winds. a couple other cities, baltimore to denver expecting delays. lots of action in the midwest and into the east, but the extreme northeast if you're coming back to atlanta from new york city, you'll be okay. we miss you. >> i miss you guys, too.
10:38 pm
see you next week. >> okay. >> now to the big stoirs of the week ahead from the white house to tinseltown. our correspondents tell you what you need to know. we begin with the president's plans for the week. >> i'm at the white house. deficit reduction talks continue in high gear. vice president joe biden expected to meet with democrats and republicans in congress three times this week. thursday, president obama has three fundraisers in new york including one on broadway. sister act, the fuse call. friday he takes the jobs message on the road to pittsburgh where he'll make remarks at a manufacturing plant. and the first lady is making an official trip to africa. >> i'm kate bolduan on capitol hill. general david petraeus faces a hearing for his new post as director of the cia. he could face questions on
10:39 pm
afghanistan, the size and timetable of the planned u.s. pullout this summer of u.s. forces there. petraeus, of course is the current commander of the war in afghanistan and the house could be headed for a showdown with the white house over u.s. involvement in military operations in libya. speaker john boehner and others weren't satisfy t with the response to growing concern that the president didn't adequately consult with congress on the efforts in libya. some lawmakers threatened the power of the purse. >> jon huntsman declares his candidacy for presidency. he announces at liberty state park in jersey. later in the week three others, rick san to rum, ron paul speak in jacksonville, florida at the right to life
10:40 pm
session. >> a critical week for wall street with the federal reserve set to meet. investors are waiting to hear how the fed plans to tackle the challenges of the slowing economic recovery. job growth has slowed and prices have risen. the latest home sales numbers are critical. on friday, the final revision of first quarter gdp so we can see how much the u.s. economy grew in the first three months of the year. a lot ahead for the market to digest. we'll cover it all. >> i'm a.j. hammer. this week, more of the casey anthony murder trial. could she be acquitted? and a interview with daniel radcliffe as the last of the harry potter films get set to come out. kwoez showbiz, weeknights at 11 p.m. eastern and pacific.
10:41 pm
>> spoking of coming up, video you have to see of amy winehouse performing that has many people wondering what's going on with her. also, we'll talk about the death of clarence clemons at 69. the big man with the sax who we love so much. ♪ in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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♪ bruce's voice and his sax. clarence clemons helped bruce springsteen create the sound of the e street band for years. springsteen calls the loss of his friend an immeasurable loss. people have been leaving comments like "blessings on your journey" they know the big man had a big heart with a big talent to match. joining me now by phone is executive director of the grammy museum. not by phone, he's right there. robert santelli who followed the e street band for more than a decade. my condolences to you. seriously. tell us what clarence was like. >> he was one of the great rock
10:45 pm
and roll saxaphonists, as you said. really important part of the e street band sound and a very close friend of bruce springsteen and a favorite of e street band fans. >> how close were they? bruce spoke highly of them. he spoke highly of bruce, almost saying their meeting was like a divine meeting. how close were they? >> you know, bruce and clarence were best of friends. bruce created this sense of family with the e street band. with clarence there was a special sense of bond and camaraderie. you know, you saw it acted out on stage, but you also saw it in the songs as well. personal friends off stage. comrades in arms on stage and in the stupdio. >> they said they had a love affair. clarence clemons was on joy behar a couple years ago and
10:46 pm
said, we basically had a love affair. he said, it was a manly love affair, but we truly love each other, more than brothers. they were closer than family. >> you know, there is a sense of bruce and clarence. when you look at the great footage of the e street band on stage and you see the bond and you watch the way they interact, you know. you can see it. you can feel that there was this very strong sense of intimacy. that came through in the music. that came through in the performances. they were best of friends off stage as well. it's a big loss for bruce, for the band. clarence is a vital member of the e street band. he's irreplaceable. >> bob santelli, we know you are grieving the loss of your friend. we appreciate you coming in. best of luck to you. >> my pleasure. >> all right. a new crisis for singerer amy winehouse. [ cheers and applause ]
10:47 pm
>> okay. that's not even the half of it. that's not even a third of it. she cut short a saturday concert in belgrade. the first stop on what was supposed to be a 12-date european tour. audience cell phone video captured her staggering around the stage and slurring as she stumbled through several songs. amy is best known for her hit "rehab." a winehouse spokesman would not confirm that the singer is once again struggling with her well chronicled addiction. such a major talent, amy winehouse. get it together, girl. if you're a fan of the hbo
10:48 pm
series "law & order:special victims unit" we have a look at the team of prosecutors. that's next. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can now come from any faucet anywhere. introducing the brita bottle with the filter inside. red lobster like this before. your own complete four-course seafood feast for $15. start with soup, like our hearty new england clam chowder. then enjoy a fresh salad with unlimited cheddar bay biscuits, followed by your choice of one of seven entrees, like new shrimp & scallops alfredo, spicy coconut & citrus shrimp, or wood-grilled fresh tilapia. then finish with something sweet, all for just $15. right now at red lobster.
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what's amazing from the surveillance tapes is she's just passed out, sleeping it off on a couch and a guy comes up to her, just starts fondling her, manipulating her, he picks her up, drags her down the steps. nobody stops him. nobody says, are you okay? what's going on? >> a chilling clip. if you are a fan of "law & order: special victims unit" this is the real deal. it premiers on hbo and the director has been working on the project since 1996. lisa, you were the victim of an unsolved sexual assault in 1976. is that why you decided to take this on? >> well, it puts it on my radar if you have something like that. my case was never solved. they threw out my rape kit
10:52 pm
because the statute of limitations passeded. i got to see firsthand from the inside how a case is put together and justice is brought to victims of sexual violence. >> tell us about your approach, lisa. you followed a number of cases for this. >> i follow four or five questions but i couldn't broadcast a case that wasn't resolved. so the case we took through trial was a prostitute who cried rape. her story is intercut with another victim. it took her 15 years to find justice. >> we saw a clip earlier. i want to take another look at a clip now addressing a case where the statute of limitations is almost up, lisa. >> we were looking at your case from almost ten years ago and here's the deal. we want you to come, revisit all this pain. we want you to tell your story to a grand jury. >> i heard a lot of words, legal jargon, john doe indictment, dna, statute of limitations. >> i can't promise you that this is going to catch the guy.
10:53 pm
but the one thing we can promise you is that if we don't do it, this case is going to disappear. if we find him ten years and one day from today, we're out of luck. >> lisa, did she eventually testify? >> she did eventually testify. she walked into court after 15 years, saw the guy and almost fainted dead away, but got herself together and put him away. >> what's the single hardest part of the job for these prosecutors? >> when you're prosecuting a crime of sexual violence, there is hand holding, a special bond they form. they are constantly on the phone with them. there is a lot of work that goes to preparing them for trial. they have to revisit the worst moment in their lives in front of a jury, in front of the people in the audience and in
10:54 pm
front of the perpetrator. >> it looks like an amazing documentary. it's called "sex crimes unit". >> it's the real deal. >> it premieres on happy birthday this monday night. coming up, a provocative children's book is a huge bohit for parents. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:55 pm
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the windows are dark in the town, child, i will read you one last book if you swear you will go the [ bleep ] to sleep. >> you know that voice. it's samuel l. jackson reading the funniest children's book that's not a children's book called go the f to sleep and it's for every parent who's dealt with the frustration of a kid who won't go to bed. it's only been out a few days and it's already a huge hit. only been out officially for a few days. it would be a great belated father's day gift depending on your dad's tolerance for four letter words. i talked to the author about whether he's concerned the book might end up in younger hands than he intended.
10:58 pm
>> no, i don't. not if parents are doing their job well. in any household there are a number of things that shouldn't end up in the hands of children. we trust that parents will be able to exercise some judgment, keep it on a high shelf just as they would any other object. it's for them and not their children. >> you have a good sense of humor about it. that's part of the appeal of the book. how did you get samuel l. jackson who is something of a poet when it comes to the f word to do the audio book for you? >> yeah. it's amazing. i think it's the best possible person in the world to do it. it may be his best work since "pulp fiction." our audio book publishers hooked it up. he was super high on my list of people to do it. it's great to hear him do it. >> all right. so listen, i'm serious, how are you going to tell your kids how not to say bad words after you
10:59 pm
make a mint off the f word here? >> i'm a writer by trade. when i'm not doing this i'm writing novels. i believe in the power of language and i believe in the power of judicially placed and expertly execute profanity. i will let my daughter in on it and explain this is the reason we are living in a house, not a dumpster outside an abandoned taco bell. >> that is hilarious. you don't have the book with you, do you? >> i don't have the book in front of me, no. >> do you remember anything from the book? i want you to do a reading for us. but if there is something you can remember from the book? i want people to know how funny it is and what you say if you can recount something. >> sure. i think i can bring to mind a sample verse. i can't promise i will do it as well as samuel jackson or werner herzog read it at the


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